Snowdonia is a fantastic
mountain area

Snowdonia ('Eryri' in Welsh) is without doubt one of Britain’s most beautiful mountain areas, and the Pen y Gwryd, situated alone below the very highest peaks, is surrounded by fantastic hillwalking opportunities and some of the world’s first classic rock-climbs. The scenery is stunning. You don’t need a car to explore here; you only need to step outside and breathe the pure mountain air or ford the clear streams. And, though we’re keen on all things bygone, hobnail boots are no longer de rigueur among our guests.

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Main picture: The equipment may have changed but the challenge and draw of the mountains remains the same. Above: The Snowdon massif rises beyond the tranquil waters of Llynnau Mymbyr. Left: There’s plenty to do nearby such as enjoying North Wales’ sandy beaches, historic castles and leafy valleys. Below: Snowdonia’s crags played a pivotal role in the birth and development of rock-climbing.